Can I book one of the Phone Booths?

We have 10 (soon 13) phone booths available at Base. Phone booths are part of the shared areas and cannot be booked individually. You may use the phone booth 90 minutes at a time. If someone else needs it after your time is up, you must allow them to use the space.

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Can I bring my pet to work?

Yes. We are pet friendly; proof of vaccination may be required. We reserve the right to restrict these rights based on the pet behavior. Base does not assume responsibility for injuries to such pet, individuals are responsible for damage or injury caused by this pet.

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Are you open 24/7?

Yes, once you have activated your key you can access the facilities 24/7. Activate your access with the administrative personnel, available from Monday to Friday, from 8:00am- 6:00pm. Note that certain amenities are only offered during business hours.

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How do I know the difference between offers?

Day Pass: includes 24-hour access to shared area in first floor. Week Pass: access 24/7 to shared areas for seven consecutive days. Student Hot Desk: monthly 24/7 access to shared areas at a special rate. Must present proof of Student ID o current class schedule. Hot Desk: monthly 24/7 access to shared areas. Dedicated Desk:

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Do you offer parking space?

Parking access is included with all memberships. For access without a membership (Day Pass, Week Pass, Meetings and such) call our number (787)210-0675 during business hours. Our team will gladly open the gates for you.

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